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Iced Tea Culture

Iced Tea Culture

There is no beverage on Earth that has the historical or cultural significance as tea. This simple drink prepared from steeping the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. It’s fair to say that if there were to be an official drink of planet Earth, most […]

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key decisions when creating a new bottled Iced Tea

key decisions when creating a new bottled iced tea

Creating a new bottled iced tea, it should be easy right?! Well it’s been 18 months of research and development, but here I’ll take you through some of our key decisions we made along the way. Our guiding principles have steered us in developing Sweet Sally Tea. I always said I wanted an all-natural product […]

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Sweet Sally Iced Tea Tea Jar

Iced Tea – How do you like yours?

So if there’s one thing I know it’s that there are many, many different variations of iced tea! Most popular in the UK is Lipton which is a bit too sweet and artificial tasting for me. Back in the USA, if you were to visit 5 different families even in the same state you may […]

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Old Street Roundabout Popup

Old Street Pop Up

The common theme of friendly and supportive people I met during November and December at the Christmas markets reminded me of the 2 week pop up we did for Sweet Sally Tea this past summer. After nearly a year of research and development we decided to test Sweet Sally’s freshly brewed iced tea in the London […]

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Sweet Sally Iced Tea Christmas market events

Sweet Sally Tea Loves a Christmas Market

The last 3 weekends have been exciting because we were able to promote Sweet Sally Tea at some of our local Christmas markets. Each festival was unique to its location, tons of fun and proved to be very beneficial. Here are my thoughts from the fairs!  Hampstead Christmas Festival (23rd of November, 2014)  What a day! Thank goodness we decided to pack […]

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Sweet Sally Canvas bag St Pauls

Sweet Sally Canvas Tote

I’m so excited to announce our Sweet Sally Tea canvas totes arrived yesterday and they look great! I feel so proud to be wearing mine around London and hope our supporters will feel the same when supporting our brand new start-up!! Grab one for yourself and maybe even a friend! Thanks for all of your support! […]

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Mission in a bottle Honest Tea

Mission In A Bottle

We spent a couple of weeks visiting friends in NYC & FL last September. It was during this trip that Mission In A Bottle was released and I was ecstatic to pick up a copy from Barnes & Noble. Honestly I thought this must be fate due to the timing of my freshly brewed iced tea idea […]

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Sweet Sally Iced Tea Recipe developement

What I miss from home…

Early days experimenting with teas in my kitchen. After spending nearly a year in England and another big move down to London I began thinking of what I missed from back home. Of course family and friends couldn’t go without mention…but right at the top of my list was freshly brewed southern iced tea (and […]

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Miss Sally

What’s In A Name?

At the same time I started playing around with recipes in the kitchen I began thinking about what we should call our southern iced tea. A name carries a lot of weight as it plays a key role in helping to build a connection. It made sense to reconnect with my southern roots so I […]

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Mississippi Girl Lands in the UK – 2012

And it’s official…We’re getting married and I’m moving to England! We often say the last few years have truly been a whirlwind and some even say it’s somewhat of a fairytale. Any way I look at it it’s one of the happiest times in my life. So I resigned from my sales position, packed a […]

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