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Homemade Southern Dressing

Southern Cornbread Dressing (known as stuffing up north)

With Christmas just around the corner some of you may want to give this recipe a try! Our family tradition included 2 types of ‘stuffing’ on Thanksgiving and below is the recipe for our Southern Dressing. This was a tricky recipe for me because I couldn’t get exact measurements from my family when they passed […]

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Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving in the UK and Pumpkin Pie

This marked my 4th Thanksgiving in the UK! We celebrated with our new friends (Amelia, Rob and Zach) this year. They hosted Thanksgiving dinner at their home and we brought a pumpkin pie (recipe to follow), southern cornbread ‘dressing’ aka stuffing and of course a case of Sweet Sally Tea! Our spiced tea paired well with […]

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