Iced Tea – How do you like yours?

July 6, 2015

Sweet Sally Iced Tea Tea Jar

So if there’s one thing I know it’s that there are many, many different variations of iced tea! Most popular in the UK is Lipton which is a bit too sweet and artificial tasting for me.

Back in the USA, if you were to visit 5 different families even in the same state you may be offered iced tea that tastes slightly different at each home! Most people tend to associate the deep south with overly sweetened iced tea but many also enjoy it unsweetened. I tend to prefer it somewhere in between! My mom would make it by freshly brewing black tea and lightly sweetening it with good old sugar. It was probably half as sweet as what you would be served at a local restaurant. My grandparents usually had 2 pitchers – 1 super sweet and 1 unsweet so I would pour 1/2 and 1/2 to cut the sugar level down. And when eating out I would always ask for 1/2 and 1/2.

When I was experimenting with my Sweet Sally Tea recipes I found what I thought to be the perfect sweetness level and stuck with it! By adding too much sugar it would mask the taste of the tea and/or fruit flavours and turn into a sugary mess!

There doesn’t seem to be a perfect universal iced tea but for me it needs to be freshly brewed, lightly sweetened and actually taste like tea!

What’s your perfect tasting iced tea?

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