Mission In A Bottle

December 1, 2014

Mission in a bottle Honest Tea

We spent a couple of weeks visiting friends in NYC & FL last September. It was during this trip that Mission In A Bottle was released and I was ecstatic to pick up a copy from Barnes & Noble. Honestly I thought this must be fate due to the timing of my freshly brewed iced tea idea in the UK!

This book proved to be one of the best investments at the start of my journey. And I still refer back to it often! It was astonishing to me that I was now going through some of the same pains they had experienced in the late 90s while trying to launch their freshly brewed tea in the US. This was mainly due to the inability to find a bottling partner willing to work with fresh tea leaves in lieu of tea extracts and concentrates and since I was adamant that Sweet Sally Tea would be freshly brewed we hit some road blocks along the way! I’ll share some of the bumps along the way with you soon.

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