Old Street Pop Up

February 23, 2015

Old Street Roundabout Popup

The common theme of friendly and supportive people I met during November and December at the Christmas markets reminded me of the 2 week pop up we did for Sweet Sally Tea this past summer.
After nearly a year of research and development we decided to test Sweet Sally’s freshly brewed iced tea in the London market by having a pop up shop. We began looking for a space in April and finally decided on a small retail space in the Old Street Underground during the last of week of June. The planning and prep was a bit overwhelming but we managed in the end to keep it simple and have a tea bar made of wooden crates, with some cool tea dispensers and signage.


I met so many amazing people and have been able to keep in touch with several of them! A few were able to visit us at the Christmas markets to try our first bottled product. I served many Americans, Asians, Chinese and European expats who said they missed freshly brewed iced tea from their home countries and found it impossible to find a decent tasting iced tea in London. Most were happy with the level sweetness with the exception of some British who needed it to be sweeter and some southerners who were accustomed to their grandmothers’ sugary sweet tea! They did however, understand my reasoning for not overloading Sweet Sally Tea with sugar to ensure you still have a tea taste. Some of the highlights during the 2 weeks were when someone tweeted “Best iced tea in the world!” and meeting someone who said our iced tea helped make her afternoon great! Honestly, I could go on and on with all of my highlights but as most of you know all you have to do is ask and I’ll share!



I hope we can do something similar this summer to allow more people to taste and enjoy Sweet Sally Tea!

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