Capturing the best taste

Our 4 principles when creating drinks

“We believe the greatest tasting bottled iced tea is freshly brewed, all-natural and low in sugar”


1. Freshly Brewing Organic Tea

This is the key and starting point for all of our teas. We brew tea rather than use extracts and concentrates as this provides the greatest tea taste. Studies show this ensures much higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas made from extracts and concentrates.


2. All-Natural Ingredients

We only use natural ingredients. We flavour our teas with all-natural, not from concentrate juices. This is to achieve the greatest overall natural taste.


3. Less Sweet. More Flavour

Soft drinks in the UK are on average high in sugar. The average cola is 11% sugar, lemonade 12% sugar, ginger beer 10% sugar and tonic 8% sugar. Sweet Sally is slightly sweetened with 4% organic sugar. Using less sugar means that our teas retain their natural tea flavour.


4. Capturing the Best Taste

This is why Sweet Sally is only available in a glass bottle. Studies have shown glass ensures and maintains the best quality of taste. Glass is also 100% recyclable.



Our Story

What do you miss from home?

My response was first and foremost friends and family, followed by something that reminds me of friends, family, long hot summers in Mississippi and southern hospitality— Iced Tea.

Tea Cocktails

Healthier, with less sugar and lots of taste!

Sip on Southern Tipsy Tea and be transported to a front porch overlooking the Mississippi Delta. Find your porch with a Southern Tipsy Tea, Southern Mississippi Mule, Rockabilly Iced Tea or a Southern Sally No.7.

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