“Sweet Sally Iced Tea is for people looking beyond traditional fizzy, sugary soft drinks”    


Offering a Unique Drinks Experience

Sweet Sally Tea is made with the finest ingredients and processes, creating a premium choice for customers frequenting their favourite bars and restaurants. We want to help our partners provide a unique and exciting experience by offering a drink not found in supermarkets and convenience stores.

We know customers are seeking healthy, all natural, low in sugar drinks and are willing to pay more for them when offered. Just as customers started to seek out craft beer options a decade ago, we now see the same desire and demand in soft drinks.

Low in sugar

Premium, all natural ingredients

Finest tea brewing techniques

Provides customers a new choice between carbonated, sugary drinks and water

The Perfect Mixer

Whilst Sweet Sally tea is a crisp and refreshing soft drink it also works as the perfect mixer. Sweet Sally is a much healthier option when compared to colas, lemonades, ginger beers and tonics. Market research has shown customers are looking for healthier, all natural, low in sugar products and this is coupled with a willingness to pay more for quality.

As an independent, London based start-up we aim to build lasting relationships with companies who aspire to offer the very best drink experiences to their customers.  Contact us now to discuss adding Sweet Sally Tea to your menu.

  • Sweet Sally Iced Tea bottle
  • Sweet Sally Iced Tea served with Ice on bar
  • Bottle and Glass Sweet Sally Iced Tea

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Our Story

What do you miss from home?

My response was first and foremost friends and family, followed by something that reminds me of friends, family, long hot summers in Mississippi and southern hospitality— Iced Tea.

Tea Cocktails

Healthier, with less sugar and lots of taste!

Sip on Southern Tipsy Tea and be transported to a front porch overlooking the Mississippi Delta. Find your porch with a Southern Tipsy Tea, Southern Mississippi Mule, Rockabilly Iced Tea or a Southern Sally No.7.

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Now stocked at great locations across London

We are proud to be stocked at some of the very best bars and restaurants across the capital.

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