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Sweet Sally is a new independent iced tea company in London. Its mission is to create the “best iced tea this side of the Mississippi.”

Company founder Nicole moved to London from America in 2013 and whilst quickly settling into and loving her new home, friends and family would often ask the question: What do you miss from home? Nicole’s response first and foremost was friends and family, followed by something that reminded her of friends, family, long hot summers in Mississippi and southern hospitality— Iced Tea. Great tasting, freshly brewed, lightly sweetened iced tea. Emphasis here on fresh brewed and lightly sweetened.

Founder Bio

Born in Mississippi, Nicole lived in Nashville and New York before moving to London in 2013.

Growing up in the South meant every occasion with family and friends would be accompanied by iced tea. With a passion for the diverse food and drink stories in London, she decided to share some of her American southern heritage with her new home. Coupling this passion with a dedication to only use the best possible ingredients, Sweet Sally Tea was born.

Product Information

“Sweet Sally Tea is for people looking beyond traditional fizzy, sugary soft drinks”

Sweet Sally Spiced Tea is made with freshly brewed organic Ceylon black tea, Spanish oranges, Sicilian lemons, a touch of organic sugar and a blend of cinnamon and cloves.

Sweet Sally Tea is for the person looking for an all-natural, deliciously light and refreshing drink, that isn’t loaded with sugar, carbonated and high in calories.

Contact Details

Twitter: @sweetsallytea


Photography below can be used for promotions and press. Please contact us if you require any additional formats or photography.

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