Sweet Sally Tea Loves a Christmas Market

December 22, 2014

Sweet Sally Iced Tea Christmas market events

The last 3 weekends have been exciting because we were able to promote Sweet Sally Tea at some of our local Christmas markets. Each festival was unique to its location, tons of fun and proved to be very beneficial. Here are my thoughts from the fairs! 

Hampstead Christmas Festival (23rd of November, 2014)  What a day! Thank goodness we decided to pack the car the evening before just as the rain set in. We arrived at our stall on the Hampstead High Street and when I say it was raining cats and dogs – I mean it was chuckin’ it down (as the British would say)! We set up the stall as best we could to prevent everything from getting wet and crossed our fingers for a decent turnout. At this point I thought if I sell 1 bottle it’ll be a great day! I mean who would think iced tea would be well received on a rainy day in England right next to a mulled wine stand! Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away by the turnout and the utter excitement over Sweet Sally Tea! It was great being able to tell everyone that we were stocked locally in Hampstead by The Wells (an independent pub excited to support a local business) as well as The Truscott Arms, NW3 Bar&Kitchen and Black Truffle. I invited people I had met during the Old Street pop up last summer and was really pleased that Harriett & Lucy were able to make it to try the first bottled Sweet Sally Tea! I can’t thank them enough for their support. We met so many wonderful people whom I hope to keep in touch with. Thanks to all of our friends who made it despite the nasty weather. And a special thanks to Colin for taking photos and for inviting people into our stall! We sampled lots of Sweet Sally and the overall response was ‘wow, this tastes really nice’. Most were excited that it’s less sweet than many other soft drinks and you could just see their eyes light up at the mention of Sweet Sally Tea working well as a mixer with bourbon whiskey and other liquors! Several purchased boxes of Sweet Sally and were excited to have a unique drink at their holiday parties. I couldn’t have been more happy with our first Christmas Festival and look forward to participating again in 2015! 

St. John’s Wood Christmas Fayre (30th of November, 2014) I was just in time to get the last stall for the St. John’s Wood Fayre! And the weather was amazing – bright, sunny, blue skies accompanied by lots of people in the Christmas spirit! A big thanks to Amelia for helping us set up and to Julia, Patrick and Colin for coming to see us at another fair! John, one of our friends from Liverpool came in for the day just to support us which was so sweet. And a new friend, Gillian, brought 2 of her friends along to try Sweet Sally Tea too! We experienced the same overall response and the vast majority of people we met really connected with Sweet Sally Tea and loved the taste of our spiced tea. During this event we were invited to participate at the Notting Hill Christmas festival the following weekend as well as the Barclay’s pop up in St. John’s Wood on December 15! Everyone wanted to know where they could buy Sweet Sally after the fair and I was proud to name the pubs we are stocked in and that we were being supported locally by The New Inn!

Notting Hill Christmas Fair (6th of December, 2014) Another sunny but cold day so I was happy to be indoors for this one! I’m starting to see a pattern in that I continued to meet very helpful people, one in particular who connected to our brand and offered lots of ideas regarding press and marketing. Thanks to Florence, (a huge Sweet Sally supporter I met at our Old Street pop up) for coming to see me and trying the spiced tea and of course Nin and Sonia!

In summary, these festivals have helped us gain a bit of exposure in our local area and we will continue looking for ideal markets for Sweet Sally alongside finding new places for it to be stocked! Stay tuned!

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