What’s In A Name?

October 6, 2014

Miss Sally

At the same time I started playing around with recipes in the kitchen I began thinking about what we should call our southern iced tea. A name carries a lot of weight as it plays a key role in helping to build a connection.

It made sense to reconnect with my southern roots so I began thinking about southern flowers, plants, trees, birds, cities – basically any words that would translate well from the American South to the UK. After weeks of polling our family and friends and going through names such as Simply Southern, Mississippi Tea, Sweet Magnolia, Y’All, and many others I can still remember when Sweet Sally came to mind. Late one night I was sitting in the chair and looked over at Miss Sally (our 10 year old chihuahua) peacefully asleep on the sofa and just thought awe what about Sweet Sally! I immediately got reactions from friends and they all loved it (well atleast that’s what they said)! It had a nice ring to it!

Definitely a personal connection for us, Sally was born in Mississippi and is a well travelled pup. My husband wasn’t a dog person prior to Miss Sally (in fact she was the first dog he had petted/stroked) but there was an instantaneous connection with them! Despite her yappy bark she’s pretty special and tends to have that affect on people. So it was decided…we named our southern iced tea after our endearing pup!

When people see Sweet Sally American Southern Tea most think they’re about to taste a true southern super sweet tea and will be surprised that Sweet Sally isn’t overloaded with sugar. I wanted to create an all natural southern tea with less sugar that still tasted great. Think of Sweet Sally as in ‘sweet by nature’ and southern hospitality rather than sugary sweet.

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